8SQRD Stake Pool: Mission-Driven

The Good Initiatives Fund (TGIF)

8SQRD Pool is a mission-driven pool. The Good Initiatives Fund (TGIF) was created to support non-profit, charitable, and non-government organizations using rewards from our staking pool. Our first mission for social good is to fight anti-Asian racism. We elaborate more in our blog post.

A portion of pool-owner rewards will be allocated to a pool of funds that will responsibly contribute to humanitarian efforts that create positive social impact.  The Good Initiatives Fund (TGIF) was created to separate rewards that go to 8QSRD operations and rewards for charitable causes.  TGIF endeavours to make regular donations to non-profit, charitable, or non-government organizations with positive social impact. We encourage the community to make recommendations to our philanthropic strategy.

8Sqrd Community

First Mission: Fight Anti-Asian Racism

With the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in North America, we have taken a stance against racism. TGIF donations will go towards initiatives that support the Asian and Pacfic Islander communities. Your support and delegation to our pool will support the following initiatives that we currently endorse:

Announcement: Our first block reward will allocate a portion of pool-owner rewards to TGIF with a donation commitment of C$100 that will be made to Stop AAPI Hate. A donation receipt will be shared here when available.