Canadian Cardano Stake Pool 8SQRD
Low ADA Staking Fees

8SQRD is a Canadian Cardano Stake Pool founded in Vancouver, BC. Our Cardano Stake Pool aims to support the decentralization of the Cardano network and benefit the cryptocurrency community. Stake your ADA with 8SQRD to know that your contribution will support charitable organizations. Our stake pool offers some of the lowest fees around.

A Community-centric ADA Stake Pool

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8SQRD Cardano Stake Pool strives to maintain the best experience for all Cardano ADA delegators.  Maximizing rewards through staking requires performance and reliability – which our pool operators can provide. As all things crypto, it requires a community-driven approach. 8SQRD is a Cardano community builder committed to social improvement and education. A portion of our rewards will be donated to Cardano community initiatives and charitable causes worldwide.

Low Fee Delegation

To make sure you maximize your crypto returns on your ADA we maintain a low fee of 1%.

Stake Pool Reliability

Our Stake Pool is set up with the leading, modern cloud technologies. Trust in a great team to ensure up time.

ADA Cardano Community

Strong community-driven approach with a shared goal to make Cardano a success. Join today and make a difference through 8SQRD.

8sqrd About Cardano ADA

Strong Values
Make a Great Cardano Stake Pool

Our stake pool values are to contribute to social good. We founded 8SQRD Cardano Stake Pool to support initiatives that brings benefit to the community.

How to Delegate ADA 8sqrd

How to Delegate Your CARDANO ADA to 8SQRD

Find our step-by-step guide on how to delegate ADA to the 8SQRD Cardano Stake Pool today. Low staking fees and a contribution to the social good.

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Interested in learning more about the 8SQRD community initiatives, Cardano and cryptocurrency? Connect with us. Let’s chat and build something extraordinary together. We can also create change along the way.

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